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Your 4 season, family fun, Nebraska Sandhills adventure awaits!


Winter in the Sandhills!

Winter is AWESOME in the Sandhills. It’s great for the entire family. You know all those lakes you come to swim in during the summer time? They freeze. Not so good for swimming, but fantastic for ice skating! Hockey anyone? 

Those same lakes that are great to fish in the summer are equally great for ice fishing as well. Have fun with the guys AND bring home the dinner. 

Did you know there are some locations in the Sandhills that will allow ice climbing? Talk about an extreme winter sport. Strap on the crampons, check the condition of your ropes and be the first to yell, “On belay!” Call the Valentine Chamber of Commerce to find out where this winter sport is going on: 402-376-2969.

Not real fond of those extra love handles you got for Christmas...well hike them off. The trails that are fun in the summer offer some pristine beauty in the winter not to mention there won’t be any bugs - bonus! Many of the trails are protected by the woods making them “warmer” than open areas. 

Make the waterfalls your destination. The falling water creates mist which freezes on everything around making it truly a winter wonderland. 

Since there aren’t that many people accessing these areas, you’ll have the parks, trails and river front all to yourself. You will even get the VERY best parking spot too.  If you crunch on the snow quietly, you might be treated to the local wildlife. There are bunnies, turkey, the occasional deer plus several birds that choose to tough out the extremes of winter in the Sandhills.

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