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Your 4 season, family fun, Nebraska Sandhills adventure awaits!

Show your love with
Cupids Mailbox!!!

FACT: Every year Valentine has a contest for a brand new Valentine's Day card!

Show your special Valentine how much you care! It won't cost but a couple stamps and a little bit of your time and is a special and romantic thing to do. 

Buy or make your Valentine's Day card and address it to your special someone - or someone(s) - think family members here. Put some colorful stickers on the inside and outside and make it look lovely.


When everything is addressed and stamped and ready to go - put them all in a larger envelope and mail the whole thing to: Cupid's Mail Box,  P.O. Box 201, Valentine, NE 69201.































Cupid will take these special declarations of love and put his own stamp on the outside of the envelope. Then Cupid will take the cards for your special loved ones over to the Valentine Post Office where they will cancel the stamp with special sentiments from Valentine, Nebraska, the Heart City!

The Chamber of Commerce also hosts a Valentine's Card contest that begins in December and one lucky winner is chosen from among the entries. Their artwork is made into a card and printed by Valentine Midland News and Printing. These Valentine's Cards can be purchased through local businesses in Valentine as well as the Chamber of Commerce who can be contacted by calling 402-376-2969.

Cards can also be sent directly to the Valentine Post Office where they will use their own set of cachets on the outside of the envelope. Cards will be sent in the same manner as with Cupid's Mail Box, addressed to the recipient with proper postage inside a larger envelope addressed to: Valentine Post Office, Valentine's Day remailing, 239 N. Hall Street, Valentine, Nebraska, 69201-9998.

Some folks like to have their Valentine's cancellation on February 14th, others like them to be cancelled and mailed back to be received by the recipient on February 14th.  To make the envelopes even more sentimental, use the LOVE stamp!

Remember, odd shaped, oversized, or embellished cards will require EXTRA POSTAGE. If you're not sure, put on some extra postage just to make sure they reach your loved one!

You have a special someone(s) and you can show that love by mailing your Valentine's Cards through the City with Heart, Valentine, Nebraska, and take advantage of Cupid's Mail Box or the folks at the Valentine Post Office. What a non-fattening, budget minded, creative way to show your loved one how much you care!

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