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Your 4 season, family fun, Nebraska Sandhills adventure awaits!


Heart City Bull Bash

FACT: Cherry County is the nation's top beef cow county with 148,893 and 5,779 people

You'll never know if it's going to be warm, cold, freezing, snowy or balmy; over the years the Heart City Bull Bash has known all of those weather types. That's half the fun! 

The other half of the fun is all the bull!!! Yes, they're real bulls that are on display on Valentine's Main Street. Bull breeders bring their best sires or off-spring for a mid-winter break in the Sandhills. 


Typically this is the only time of year for cattlemen and women to get away and look for a bulls to better their heard. Really, Main Street is like a giant shopping mall just for ranchers to make their operations better and run smoother. 

Some weekends it's held on Valentine's Day in Valentine. Some weekend's it's not. No matter - the entire community comes out to make this a wonderful event with things for the whole family to do - roping, Quiz Bowl, art shows, coloring contests, silent auctions, 4-H Luck of the Draw, quilt show, gun show, boot shining, book signings, and many, many, in-store specials. There are also vendors available with food and beverages. 

Some years, the adults can sneak away for a wine tasting with proceeds going to different organizations.


But there are always the bulls. There are always the equipment vendors - did you know that some tractors are strictly for ranch work, and others are built specifically for farm work?

Plus, some of the implement dealers have those wonderful heaters for the years it's freezing cold and snowy. The Heart City Bull Bash takes place in February. It's not an activity you'd want to miss. Even if the snow is a foot deep. Especially if it's balmy. 

Check out their website at: to find out more. See the Schedule of events for the date of this years Heart City Bull Bash! 

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