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Your 4 season, family fun, Nebraska Sandhills adventure awaits!

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Niobrara National Scenic River

The weather is down right steamy and it's time to make arrangements to enjoy the Niobrara National Scenic River. Call an outfitter - click on the link of our sponors -  and they can set you up to enjoy a memorable and beautiful trip through the Niobrara River Valley. 


It's a river that has cut through the Sandhills, through the ash hollow layer, through the Valentine layer and rests on the Rosebud Formation. All these layers were formed many years ago - back where mastodons were roaming the prairie! 


The Niobrara River has many fossils embedded in the sands that show these prehistoric animals as well as the history of the area.


You can enjoy several hours on the river, as well as days. Campgrounds along the way help you to have a great adventure. Outfitters can help you up with tubes, canoes or kayaks and even provide shuttle service.


THE SUN IS FIERCE ON THE RIVER  -  USE SUN SCREEN!!! You don't want to ruin the rest of your vacation! Insects also live along the river corridor, insect repellent is a great idea. So is drinking plenty of water.


Now that you're ready to get out on the water, there are things you'll enjoy looking at - one of them is the many waterfalls that line the tall cliffs - in fact 230 have been documented. One of the tallest falls is Smith Falls, which is 63 feet tall, you can actually stop and walk up to see the tallest falls in Nebraska. 


The quieter you are, the more wildlife you'll see including deer, beaver, mink, river otters, elk, and many aquatic species like fish, toads, and snakes. There are also many bird species to see as well, including bald eagles, blue herons, and an osprey if you're especially blessed. 


The Niobrara River begins in Wyoming and flows through the northern part of Nebraska and meets the Missouri River in eastern Nebraska. The National Scenic River is a 76 mile stretch in north central Nebraska managed by the National Park Service. Kept in its pristine state, everyone is welcome to enjoy nature at its finest. 

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