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Your 4 season, family fun, Nebraska Sandhills adventure awaits!

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Scenic Byways!

There are two scenic byways that traverse the Sandhills!


The Outlaw Scenic Byway begins east of Valentine on Highway 12, and goes through 35 little towns along the way until it ends at South Sioux City, giving you 231 miles of adventure in northeast Nebraska! 


Doc Middleton and Kid Wade made these hills their hideout. Al's Adventures takes history, lore, and the lay of the land to create awesome equestrian trail rides that bring this history alive. Missing gold? There have been whisperings that Doc Middleton robbed a payroll train and the gold has not yet been recovered. Perhaps a trailride would bring you to the hidden treasure? 


Al knows where the historical locations are for these bandits, including: Horse Thief Canyon, the attempted capture of Doc Middleton, Devil's Nest - the James' brothers hideout, and Kid Wade's unfortunate demise. 


In the fall, to keep you cozy, there is the semi-annual Byway Quiltway, held in October. You can enjoy the extraordinary fall scenery while you stop at the towns along the way and see the magnificient quilts on display, listen to speakers, enjoy small town shopping, and have fun! 


To find out more about the Outlaw Scenic Byway go to:  or for trail ride information contact Al's Adventures at 402-376-1164.


You're on 2 something with The Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway, Highway 2. This scenic highway will take you through the heart of the Sandhills which begins in Alliance and meanders thorugh Mullen, Thedford, Halsey, Broken Bow, and ends in Grand Island. There are other little towns sprinkled in there for you to enjoy. 


In October, they host Follow the Rails Art Trail, a self-guided art and culture tour with art on display, performances by local bands, historical narriatives, and demonstrations from very talented artisans. 


Birding is also a treasured hobby along Highway 2, visit to find out what you can see and maps of the area! 


To find out more about the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway, go to

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