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Your 4 season, family fun, Nebraska Sandhills adventure awaits!


Snake Falls

Snake Falls are magnificent to watch, they were treacherous to get to, but people are no longer allowed to cross the roped off boundaries! 


They were purchased in May of 2012, by the Snake River Preservation Group; and are located 25 miles southwest of Valentine in Cherry County. 


Entry to the falls on Highway 97 isn't marked. Landmarks include a semi-large tree - which was still standing when this was written - next to a watertank for livestock. With relatively few trees on the Highway, that really is as good as the directions get; unless you get to Merritt Reservoir, then you've gone too far. Turn around and head back.  


Noted for its rainbow trout, the Snake River is a world-class fishery and is the largest waterfall by volume in the state of Nebraska. 


A $1 entry fee is charged to view the falls, which are beautiful in any season!





Snake River Falls were closed July 20, 2016, due to vandalism, and again in 2020 due to COVID-19. However, they have since been re-opened to the public. 


Rope barricades have been put up that you are not to cross. Please respect the group's wishes so everyone can continue to enjoy the beauty of Snake Falls. There is the possibility Snake Falls could be closed to the public forever. Please, let's keep this treasure open to the public by respecting this property, and by paying the minimal fee of $1.00 per person to view this marvel. 


Updated 2022 


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