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Your 4 season, family fun, Nebraska Sandhills adventure awaits!


Valentine National Wildlife Refuge

The Valentine National Wildlife Refuge is a sportsman's paradise. Especially for those who like to fish. It is also open to hunting in the proper season. 

Prairie Chicken and Grouse blinds are set up in spring for those who would like to watch the dancing ritual the males put on for their ladies. 

As a flyway zone, there are many opportunities to see birds of all types as they rest on the many different lakes before taking off to their final destination. 

Valentine National Wildlife Refuge is located 20+ miles south of Valentine on Highway 83. 

A kiosk was erected and is a great place to stop and see the scenic wonders of the Sandhills. A telescope will let you see what is beyond your view in the middle of the waters. 

The Sandhills Prairie Refuge Association has helped the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge get these magnificent 24" x 36" maps (pictured above) of what is also referred to as the south refuge. These maps show lakes, markers, roads, and different areas for hunting and retail for $10.00 each.


They can be picked up at several local merchants in Valentine: Trade Winds Motel, Sinclair Gas Station, Valentine Visitors Center, Wrights Bait, Plains Trading Book Sellers, and Sandhills Oil in Thedford.

Or you can have a map sent to your address by contacting  402-376-3789. A shipping charge will be added to the $10.00 price.

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